A luxurious, modern decorated wharf cellar

UKI-Hotel is fully equipped

During your stay, you have access to the entire historic cellar with all its facilities. You will stay here as the only guest and have your own key during your stay. You only pay for the room per night, not per person.

The kitchen is equipped with all the facilities you need to prepare your meals.
On the unique wharf next to the canal (an ingenious system, which was devised in the Middle Ages and which gives Utrecht her special and cozy character), you can have breakfast or drink a drink. The site is public domain. An important House Rule applies here: “keep the wharf clean and quiet!” It is not allowed to play music on the terrace or with the doors open or otherwise make noise.

Smoking is not permitted at the hotel and pets are not welcome.

UKI-Hotel is located in the center of Utrecht, so you have plenty of choice for dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities. In short … UKI-Hotel and Utrecht have everything your heart desires.

Costs overnight stays

If you book one night you pay € 165,-

If you book several nights you will receive a discount:

  • 2 nights total € 320,-
  • 3 nights total € 465,-
  • 4 and more per night € 150,- per night